Exoclimes is a conference series devoted to understanding the climate and climate evolution of exoplanets. It began in 2010 at the University of Exeter, UK.
Exoclimes VI: 26th to 30th June 2023, University of Exeter, UK

Invited Keynote Speakers

  • Emily Rauscher: Are atmospheres really 3D?
  • Natasha Batalha (Replacement: Jo Barstow): The chemistry of irradiated atmospheres
  • Tim Lichtenberg: Interior-Atmosphere interactions
  • Steph Sallum: Instrumentation
  • Catherine Walsh: Atmospheric links to formation

Invited Review Speakers

  • Sarah Moran: Exoplanet aerosols and hazes
  • Brittany Miles: Directly imaged exoplanets and brown dwarfs
  • Takanori Kodama: Rocky planet atmospheres
  • Aarynn Carter: The future of exo-climate studies

Invited Evening Speakers

  • Aymeric Spiga: Climate change and our role as astronomers
  • Melodie Kao: Magnetic fields
  • Andrew Rushby: Astrobiology

Exoclimes VI Scientific Organising Committee

  • Hannah Wakeford (Chair)
  • Jayne Birkby
  • Sarah Casewell
  • Lisa Dang
  • Eric Hébrard
  • Laura Kreidberg
  • Elsie Lee
  • Nathan Mayne
  • Tom Mikal-Evans
  • Dann Mitchell
  • Caroline Morley
  • Raymond Pierrehumbert
  • Micheal Roman
  • David Sing
  • Martin Turbet

Exoclimes VI Local Organising Committee

  • Michelle Bieger (co-chair)
  • Duncan Christie (co-chair)
  • Eric Hébrard (co-chair)
  • Jake Eager-Nash
  • Martha Mak
  • Nathan Mayne
  • Danny McCulloch
  • Arwen Nicholson
  • Fede Rescigno
  • Denis Sergeev
  • Hannah Wakeford
  • Emma Way
  • Daniel Williams
  • Maria Zamyatina
  • Eva-Maria Ahrer

Current Exoclimes Steering Committee

  • Hannah Wakeford
  • Caroline Morley
  • Raymond Pierrehumbert
  • David Sing

Code of Conduct


Exoclimes Year Host Venue
I 2010 University of Exeter Exeter, UK
II 2012 Northwestern University Aspen, CO, USA
III 2014 University of Bern Davos, CH
IV 2016 McGill University Squamish, BC, CA
V 2019 University of Oxford Oxford, UK
VI 2023 University of Exeter Exeter, UK