ExoSLAM Summer School
22nd to 24th June 2023, University of Exeter, UK

Rationale & Overview

ExoSLAM will introduce attendees to the fundamental Earth and planetary science needed to understand the atmospheres and climates of recently discovered exoplanets. The course is aimed at PhD students and other early career researchers who are comfortable with degree-level physics and/or mathematics but want to learn how these concepts can be applied to understand the great variety of proposed exoplanetary atmospheres and climates.

Taking place over three days, we will teach through a series of lectures, computer practicals and discussion. Our aim is to give attendees the opportunity not only to learn content but also to interact with instructors and each other, giving them the best chance of learning tools that support their own research.

Organising Committee

  • F. Hugo Lambert (co-chair)
  • Denis Sergeev (co-chair)
  • Jennifer Catto
  • Raphaëlle Haywood
  • Eric Hébrard
  • Tim Jupp
  • Nathan Mayne
  • Stephen Thomson
  • Andrew Rushby

Code of Conduct